Tuesday, April 18, 2006

In Other News

Anthony bought me a new laptop. I have a perfectly nice desktop that I love, but it is so nice to have a laptop to use when I want to hang out in the living room and chat while I watch tv or when I am at his place. He bought me one last year, for an amazing $15. It is probably almost 10 years old, and moved at about the pace of a dead snail. I try not to complain, because it was very sweet of him to buy it for me in the first place, but it has been getting more and more frustrating lately. It takes forever to start up or shut down, and the power cord was very touchy, if I jiggled it at all, it would unplug and kill the whole computer, since there is no battery in it. Most frustrating. Apparently he was either A. sick of my whining, or B. just very very sweet, but he found an amazing Dell laptop on eBay, and got it for me. A bit more than $15 but still an amazing deal. It's only a few years old, has a wonderfully fast processor and a secure power cord. No battery, but because it's so recent, if I want to spend 50-100 dollars, I can probably get one. It's exactly like using my desktop, in laptop form. It's nice and light too, even with a good size screen. I love it to pieces and never want to let it go.

While I'm gushing about how awesome my boyfriend is, I should also mention what he got me for Easter. "Firefly" on DVD. We had copies that we made from Erin and Kyle's DVDs, but we've been wanting the 'real' thing. Apparently he found it for a great price at Target, so he got it for me. Plus, a pretty green vase to replace the one he got me for Christmas this year, that I busted last week. (sighs) I have been SUCH a klutz lately. And a jump rope, and a baseball. I've been wanting to play catch, I had a baseball mitt, but he didn't so my parents bought him one for Christmas, but then we realized neither of us had baseballs. Oops. Now we are fully equipped to play catch in the park across from his place. Also, my parents bought us Scratch, which is the velcro and tennis ball version of catch. Yay for kids toys. They really are the best.

Other Projects

I have a lot of other projects in the works right now. One is a skirt I was supposed to be making for Easter. I wasn't able to finish it because I decided it would be fun to slash my finger open. I figured with the way my luck has been going lately, I probably would have managed to sew right over top of my fingers. I will also be sewing an apron. I make teriffic messes when I cook, and I am tired of ending up with flour and who knows what else, all over my clothing. Another project will be taking in some of my clothing. I've been running and doing some strength training lately, so clothes are getting a bit big on me. Since clothing doesn't seem to be made for people who have a chest that is significantly larger than their waist, I need to add a few darts and take in the sides of some shirts, especially button down shirts. I think I may have Erin come help me for an afternoon sometime soon. It's so much easier to have someone else help me do the pinning.