Monday, March 27, 2006

Easter Eggs

I added some very fun eggs to my Etsy website. Every spring I hollow out real eggs and paint them and add a few beads. I usually give them to my family and friends. It's kind of time consuming, but they always turn out well and everyone usually likes them a lot. This year I decided to make a bunch for Etsy. They turned out really well and I am hoping they sell well.

That part was written weeks ago. I've been trying to upload some pictures of the eggs (multiple times) and Blogger apparently don't think that's a good idea. So, if you want to look at the eggs, you'll have to take a trip to my site . I sold three, but they were to my dad, so I am not quite sure how much that counts. He gave them as gifts to his sisters. They all seemed impressed, so at least that's good. I'll probably be having a sale on them, kind of a 'it's after Easter, but it's still spring' sort of thing. We'll see if that works. Plus, I have my standard 10% off for anyone who knows me and buys one sale. Anyone who is interested, email me, or send me a message on Etsy, or leave on on here.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Green Thumb Is Finally Sprouting

Any of you who know my mom know that she's the Queen of Flowers. She can pretty much get ANYTHING to grow. I love flowers but I haven't really inherited that gene. I'd sort of prefer to just have plants learn to take care of themselves. I just am not the nurturing type. I forget to water plants, I never remember how much sun they need or what to do when they're done blooming. Thank goodness I don't plan to have children, I'd probably forget to feed them for days and leave them at the grocery store.

For Christmas my mom got me some narcissus bulbs, and a huge amaryllis bulb. The narcissus grew like mad and had beautiful little white blossoms. But, they don't last long and before I could snap a picture, they were done. I sent them back to my mom to be planted outside in her garden. The amaryllis steadily grew three very tall stalks and then did nothing for a week or so. And all of a sudden two of the stalks have buds that burst open and have 8 incredible huge blooms. I managed to get a few quick photos of them yesterday.

And in the week it took me to finish writing this entry, the third stalk bloomed and has 5 blossoms, bringing the grand total up to 13. That has to be some sort of record I think. Apparently it's a kinky little bugger though. I had to tied it up to a chair in order to keep it upright. The heavy blooms and tall stem in a lightweight pot made it a bit top heavy. I came home one day to find it tipped over onto the carpet. Luckily it didn't make too much of a mess or get damaged. I dragged a chair over to the window and tied the stem to it. (shakes head) flowers that are into bondage....why am I not not surprised?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm a bad, bad man...and it's SPRING!!

Yeah, I've been terrible about updating this lately. I know, I should be taken out back and shot.

I am so happy that the weather is finally cooperating. It was warm enough to go out running today. Well, maybe I shouldn't call it running. It was more like jogging interspersed with walking. But it's a start, and it felt good to be out and moving. I didn't push too hard, so I'll try to go out again tomorrow or Thursday, weather permitting. This is Michigan, so we could get 20 inches of snow overnight. There is a really lovely wooded area north of my apartment complex to run in. There are wide flat paths through the trees so once the ground is no longer squishy with mud, it should be a great place to go. I had to stick to the paved paths that run alongside and through the center of it today. I tried going onto the grassy path and almost sunk up to my ankles in the mud. As much fun as mud can be, this was more like quicksand. I did have the overwhelming urge to tear off my shoes and socks and splash around in the little stream that runs along the woods. But, I am sure the water is still icy cold and the ducks would have given me weird looks. Once it's a bit warmer out...I may just have to do it anyway, ducks be damned.